Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Give A Hoot...About Molly!

I had posted a link a while back with the live video stream focused on two bald eagles and their two babies. On the same site, there are numerous links to wildlife webcams. One of them is for Molly the Owl, who has become quite famous! Molly and her mate, McGee, are residents of an owl box in California. The box is on a pole 15 feet in the air and stationed in the yard of the Royal family. Carlos updates viewers from time to time on the little family. Molly and McGee had six eggs laid in February. One broke very early, one is a dud. The other four eggs have yielded four little owlets! Max, Pattison, Austin and Wesley are named for relatives of Carlos Royal (grandchildren, I believe).

Here's a closeup photo I took as a screenshot of Molly...she was checking out the camera just a little while ago. The video link is also below. Share it if you'd like...it's so amazing to see nature at work! Word to the wise though...these are wild animals. They eat like wild animals. Sometimes it's not a pretty sight, so be forewarned if you are watching at mealtime and you have a weak stomach.

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