Monday, November 17, 2008

Toddler Trials

Megan has come down with a nasty cough that shows no interest in leaving her alone. The coughing started last week, near the end of the morning on Friday. Of course, it was a mild cough, and I didn't think anything of it at that point. By last night, I knew it was getting worse, and then this morning she woke up hacking and I immediately called the pediatrician's office to get her an appointment today. At least it didn't get really bad until Monday, so the doctor's office was open again. :)

We didn't see our regular doc, as I requested to see the first one available (out of the three in the practice...we like all three just fine). He listened to her chest for a few minutes with his stethescope, prompting lots of giggles from the princess girl, and told me that he could hear a light wheeze when she breathes. Jeremy had respiratory issues when he was about four months old, and so we're quite familiar with wheezing. We don't like it, but it's not such a "scary" term when you've dealt with it several times before!

Luckily we already have a nebulizer from Jeremy's earlier battles, so all it took was a script for Albuterol. The nebulizer looks like a penguin, and now the kids are old enough to really appreciate this fact. :) We did our first treatment before the kids took a nap today, and she handled it like a pro. If she's not showing improvement by Wednesday afternoon, the doctor said we'd have to figure out what Plan B is.

I was hoping to visit a few friends this week, but those plans will have to be rescheduled. Megan and Jeremy are my first priority, and we certainly don't want to cause anyone else to be sick (even if she's not contagious...we're not taking chances!). Please pray that I can find lots of things to occupy the kids this week. And lots of strength to keep healthy myself, too!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Night Shift

Steve is back on night shift. He switched back about two weeks ago, and will stay on nights another six weeks. I still wish the Sheriff's Office would consider a quarterly schedule, because by the time we are fully adjusted to one shift, it's time to make the switch again! Oh well. After five years, I've gotten used to it. I know he loves night shift because there are more interesting things to do while on duty, but it also means we don't see him half as much. The kids are usually down for nap when he wakes up in the afternoon, and when they wake up he's already gone for work, so he goes for two or three days at a time sometimes without seeing the kids. He stopped by during his shift last weekend, just for a few minutes so that they could visit with him, so at least he can do that once in a while!

I'm a night owl anyway, so nights don't bother me. I catch up on my recorded shows on the DVR, I get work done on the computer, I read a book...there are always things to do. Maybe one of these days I'll get some sort of motivation to use more of that evening time to work on de-cluttering the home office, which has taken on its own life at this point. :) Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things To Do...

I have a things-to-do list a mile long at the moment, and I have to really find ways to motivate myself to get it done. The house was so clean just last week. It's not filthy now, but the clutter is back in the living room and kitchen. I need to get groceries soon. The kids have a pile of laundry that needs to be folded and put away. And we still have Halloween decorations out! Those definitely need to be put away!!!

So I have to get some catching up done. That includes this blog! We took a quick trip down to Orlando and stayed at Disney's Pop Century Resort...they had a GREAT rate for Florida residents, so we took advantage of it (and also used the third day of our four-day Disney passes...only one more day to use before the end of the year). We went to Animal Kingdom, and I have to say that I really liked the park. It was much more laid back than your average Disney park. I'd definitely recommend it to others. We got to see the Lion King Show and the Finding Nemo Musical Show. Very well done, both of them. And the highlight, of course, was getting to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald at the end of the day. That was one of my missions, since the kids didn't get to really meet many characters in July. Here's a fun shot of all four of us with "The Mouse" himself...Of course we returned back to reality when we got back home. And then reality was suspended again on Halloween...we dressed the kids up in their costumes (again...they got a lot of use this year!) and took them Trick-of-Treating around the block in our neighborhood. This is my favorite shot of that evening:
Don't they look like they're enjoying each other? I'll keep this photo to remind them of how much they really do like each other so that when they're older and arguing like wildcats I'll have proof. :) They wore their costumes four different times this the library, to Sea World for the Halloween Spooktacular on our first day in Orlando, to the nursing home with the Moms Club and then on Halloween night. Megan has convinced herself that she really is a princess. And if you hear Jeremy quoting Buzz Lightyear, you can't help but chuckle.
So Halloween is long over. I still have to get the Halloween cookie jar off the kitchen counter, but at least my blog is caught up again. :) With luck I'll be better about writing and you won't just hear from me at Thanksgiving and Christmas...there's life between holidays, as well!
Have a great rest-of-the weekend!!!