Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Small World

So many coincidental things lately just remind me what a small world it is. I was on my Facebook page yesterday and saw a pic of someone Facebook "recommended" to be a "friend" for me, and she looked really familiar, like someone I knew from high school (her married name was listed, not her maiden name). It gives you the option of looking to see if you have friends in common, so I checked that out. One of her friends was a mutual friend of ours in high school, confirming that she was the same person I believed she might be. What threw me for a loop, though, was that some of her OTHER friends that we have in common weren't from my high school years, but people I know through my local MOMS Club here in St. Augustine. St. Augustine isn't that far from Jacksonville, where we went to high school, but far enough that not many people make the effort to move down here! Small world. I added her and she accepted my friend request, and we wrote back and forth several times today only to learn that she lives five miles from me, in a condo development that used to be apartments...the same apartment complex Steve and I lived in almost nine years ago when we first moved to the area. Small world!

Also yesterday, I was working at a middle school as a sub for a math teacher when I saw a familiar face as I was walking to my sub assignment room for the morning. She was someone I recognized from her blog, and we haven't been "following" each other very long, but our kids are only a year apart age-wise and I really like reading what she writes. Anyway, I walked into the teacher's lounge for lunch, and there she was! I hope I didn't creep her out too much when I invited myself to sit at her table and then basically said, "I know you!" Small world. I had to assure her that I was not a stalker, and that I'd been booked for that sub assignment several weeks ago, before I ever even read her blog for the first time. :) I didn't even know which school she worked at, since we all have some small degree of anonymity on our blogs.

These two random happenings are just examples, but I thought I'd share them with you today. Seems like it's the little things that make us smile and remind us to count our blessings on a daily basis. In a time when the economy is bad and crime is on the rise, we have to look for the things in life that make us stop and think about how fortunate we really are!