Sunday, January 20, 2008

Long Overdue...Time To Catch Up!

Wow, so it's been a while since I blogged...just checked and I haven't done this since right around Thanksgiving! Much has happened since then, but then again, would I expect different? The kids turned TWO, and I'm still in denial about that on some level. I'm grateful to see them growing and thriving and learning, but it's difficult because while they'll always be my "babies," they really aren't BABIES anymore.
I didn't realize that kids could learn letters and numbers so early...for the last two months, Megan and Jeremy have been counting to ten, pointing out numbers in the most random places, and identifying letters, too. We're still working on memorizing the alphabet song, but they can both pick up any block in their collection and tell me exactly what is on it. Jeremy has a partiality for "J", "U" and "8", while Megan changes her favorites on a daily basis. :) They also love it when you wear t-shirts or sweaters with letters and/or numbers on them, so that they can carry on a vibrant discussion with you...repeatedly...even when you really don't feel like talking about the subject. I wish I could take credit for a lot of it, but the truth is that I have Sesame Street to thank for most of it!

Getting ready for Christmas was a LOT of fun. They aren't scared of Santa at all, so I got my now-traditional annual photo of them with Santa at the Regency Mall in Jacksonville. It also turned out to be one of the few good photos I got of them in their pretty Christmas outfits, so it's definitely a keeper for memories ahead. :) The photo is posted above.
The weekend after their birthday (Dec. 13) we took the kids to see Sesame Street Live at the Times-Union Performing Arts Center. It was a great experience, and the seats we had were amazing...way down front, almost close enough for Megan to climb onstage and join the fun (thank goodness she didn't try).
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent with family and that was great...even better when I can wake up on Christmas morning at a late time, since they aren't old enough yet to understand the thrills that wait for them. We even had breakfast before the unwrapping of gifts began, so that was amazing in itself. 2008 will be completely different, I'm sure!
The kids and I welcomed the New Year together at home, as Steve was working. I felt bad, but turned down several offers from friends who wanted to come hang out with us...I just didn't want to risk them having to drive back home after midnight, when goodness knows how many inebriated people are running the roads at the same time. I wasn't at all alone, and that is what mattered. The kids didn't understand why they were up so late, but it was fun nonetheless. :)
I keep busy these days chasing after the little munchkins, writing occasionally for the local newspaper, and taking care of my still-new Pampered Chef business. It's going pretty well...I really enjoy the products and especially the recipes, since they make my life a little easier. I made a barbeque chicken pizza for dinner tonight, and it was yummy...but not as yummy as the fruit pizza I prepared for dessert! My friend Alyssa's birthday was last week, and so this was her celebration belatedly. We also had homemade strawberry lemonade, one of my personal favorites. I could drink a gallon of that stuff easily, all by myself. I think it's funny that part of my "business" is going to other people's houses and showing them how to prepare meals for their family, when in reality it's all I can do to get myself together in my own kitchen at home...but I will say that I have been a lot more creative and comfortable in the last couple of months since I started with Pampered Chef. It's not necessarily the tools that I get to use, either (although those do help)'s more the fact that everything is simplified to prove to myself that I really CAN make nice meals without too much back-breaking effort. The greatest thing about the company is that I can have my own business, with my own hours and my own goals, and it gives me the flexibility to be at home with my family, where I'm happiest.
I will do my best to get back here and post again soon...take care!