Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Kid School

My kids start school in less than two weeks. Big kid school. Actually, elementary school, but they started calling it "Big Kid School" back in May and haven't yet been convinced that elementary is the appropriate name.

My kids will be riding a school bus. They got to ride one for field trips when they were in VPK, and they loved it. But now they'll be riding one almost every single day, to and from school. They're in heaven.

Last night their school held an informal ice cream social, so that new families and those with kindergarten kids would be able to tour through the school and meet some of the staff. It was very nice...the kids had gone on a tour on a field trip in VPK, but they really got excited even more this time around. And of course, the ice cream didn't hurt, either! I was very excited to see about a dozen familiar faces...with any luck, some of those kids will be in Megan or Jeremy's class.

Yes, Megan and Jeremy will be in separate classes this year. I had hoped to keep them together, but I have been talking to a lot of teacher friends lately and the general consensus was that separating them now would be a big benefit for them and for their teachers. I called the school at the beginning of this week and requested the switch to different classrooms, so for the first time in forever, they will not be together for most of the day. They'll ride the bus together, and they might get to see each other at lunch or recess, but the rest of the time they'll be making their own friends in their own classes! I'm a wreck, but I know that it's only me being the typical protective mom when I feel like this is not right. I'll be fine after school begins and they get settled in.

But I can guarantee that I'll cry on the first day, even though I'm pretty sure they won't!