Sunday, March 21, 2010

Updates for Sunday

My friend continues to improve! I knew she was a strong woman, but she's proving just how strong and all of her friends are so proud of her. We are grateful for everyone who is praying for her, and the prayers are certainly working! I was hoping to go visit today, but when I woke up I still had some leftover sinus and allergy issues from last I didn't even try to go because I didn't want to risk exposing anyone in the ICU. I really hope I'm back to 100% later this week so I can go visit though!

Here are today's updates from her husband:

6:03am UPDATE: We both had our best night's sleep since we have been here. Chest Xray is done and head ultrasound later. Maybe CT scan as well. She just had a bath and is doing well this morning. She is excited about visitors today. They keep talking about downgrading her from ICU to a regular room. Fingers crossed. I'll update again after the doctors make their rounds. Today is starting out good.

9:39am UPDATE: The doctors are reducing her meds to the minimum. If she remains stable, they will remove the breathing tubes. They pushed the CT scan to tomorrow. The swelling in the brain continues to goes down. The heart is stable but remains the big concern. She is very active in bed. We are off to another good day so far. She is looking forward to visitors today.

8:52pm UPDATE: Sorry for the late post. Things move much slower around here on Sundays. They did not remove the tubes today. She refused to nap and doctors thought she was too tired. Good chance it will happen tomorrow. Lots of tests scheduled tomorrow. They continue to drain fluids from her lungs. Pneumonia seems to be under control. We make progress every day. Good night.

And a bonus post from her husband (in regards to the messages left by people who were able to visit her today!): FYI...Some of you haven't commented on her feistyness. She continues to try and spit out her tubes and bite anybody who tries to adjust them. She moves her legs likes she wants to jump out of bed.

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