Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Updates

Here are today's messages from my friend's husband...every step, no matter how small, is a miracle, and I continue to pray and ask others to pray for her:

5:05AM UPDATE: Another peaceful night. She needed rest after all the tests from yesterday. Just a chest Xray and a head ultrasound scheduled today. Breathing is great! Heart is stable which we will take. She just got some lotion for her skin. Skin color looks good. Headed home today to shower and take the kids out to lunch so I will update again in the early evening. It's been great to hear from all of you.

5:56AM FAQs: She has a shaved stripe on the top of her head for the drain to draw fluids from her brain. The back of her head is also shaved for the surgery, so she is not completely bald. Per hospital ICU rules, please do NOT send flowers or food. Teddy bears, balloons, etc. are acceptable. She has one nurse assigned to her and stays in the room at all times. I'll post more FAQs later. Pray for a good day!

4:06PM UPDATE: Xrays came back clean which means fluid is not in the lungs. Waiting on the cardiologist for the next step for the heart. She is off sedation so she is more awake than ever. Doctors say she can have visitors by appointment. Let me know if you would to stop by. Keep in mind she still has tubes in her mouth so if you don't want to see her like that you may want to wait.

7:11pm UPDATE: Doctors say the heart is not better but not worse. For now they want to stick with the current plan. She is off all sedatives and just using pain killers so she is awake a lot. Visitors are welcome. Just let me know when you want to come by. Just remember, she still has her tubes in her mouth. If you choose not to see her like that you may want to wait.

8:19pm UPDATE: The respiratory therapist said she is on the smallest amount of support with the breathing machines. Small possiblity she may be taken off the machines tomorrow. She in good spirits and communicasting (blinking) a lot. Had a nanny this morning and she quit two hours after I hired her. 0 for 2 with nannies. Good night everyone!!!

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