Monday, March 22, 2010

Great News on a Monday (how ironic!)

My friend's husband has already posted a couple of updates this morning and I just had to share...I'll add on his updates if he posts more later today, but for the time being here are the first two updates of the day!

6:52an UPDATE: Chest Xray is done. There is a greater than 50% chance of the tubes coming out. Lots of tests scheduled today. She had a great night sleep. She is a little uncomfortable but should get better if the tubes come out. Mobility gets better everyday. If you're visiting today, please call ahead. Doctors should be by soon. I'll let you know about the tubes.

8:56am UPDATE: The tubes are out!!!!!!!!! She is talking. No slurred speech. Doesn't appear to have any memory loss. She asked for bacon, eggs, and coffee. She says she feels much better and looks great!!! Heart is stable which is good. I'll update again later. Today is the best day yet!

Tonight's post --- 9:35pm UPDATE: Sorry for the late post. Went out with the family to celebrate the good day. She was able to read her patient board from about 10 feet away. Doctors are amazed with her progress. Heart is the same. She is in good spirits. More of the same tests tomorrow. Good night everyone.

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