Friday, March 19, 2010

Updates for Friday!!!

These are updates posted by my friend's husband today regarding her status...he's been posting from his Blackberry at the hospital since it all started on Tuesday, and I am just grateful that technology is allowing this so we can stay on top of the updates without having to bother him for information.

6:36AM UPDATE: Another good night. Breathing contnues to improve. Heart is about the same. Waiting for doctors to look at it and figure out if the meds are working. A lot of tests are scheduled for today-chest Xray (looking for fluids in lungs), head CT, and a variety of heart tests. It's possible she could be taken off the breathing machines in the next 2 days. Lets keep our fingers crossed. I'll update later.

10:33AM UPDATE: They successfully drained the fluids from her lungs. This could be a daily thing. She off for a CT scan of the brain. The heart remains the primary concern. They are trying a new med to get the heart going. Time is our biggest friend. We have made progress but our worst fears are still possible. We feel your love and thank you!

12:19PM UPDATE: Still waiting on CT results. They just gave her a bath and washed her hair (what is left). That brought her resting heart rate down so she seems to be relaxed. They are starting a cranium test for clots. Waiting is the hardest part. Thank you for all of your love and support. She is going to love seeing all of this.

4:13PM UPDATE: The doctor looked at the CT from this morning next the CT from two days ago. The swelling is starting to come down in her brain. This will improve her motor skills as the swelling comes down. They started a new treatment for her heart this morning. We will know more tomorrow. The doctor said there is a tiny light in the tunnel. Prayers are working!

9:56pm UPDATE: It's been a long day of tests. She is sleeping peacefully. Finally went out with the family for dinner. Good to see the world outside the hospital. Light day of tests tomorrow. Still looking for improvement with the lungs and heart. Looking forward to spending a few hours with the kids tomorrow. Good night everyone and thanks again for your prayers and support.

I will continue to post updates as I get them on Facebook. Thank you for reading...and thank you even more for praying!

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