Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prayer is working!

I have always believed in prayer. Prayer is what got me to hang on through 11 weeks of bedrest so that my kids had the best start possible. Prayer is what pulls the faithful through many times when we just feel like we need guidance in some way. And prayer is certainly contributing to the miracle that is my friend. One week ago she went into the hospital with a life-threatening blood clot in her brain. One week ago the outlook was not the greatest, and her family and friends could do nothing but wait helplessly for any shred of good news that could boost our spirits. For the past week we were clinging to good news like a life preserver in an ocean of fear. I am completely amazed by the number of people praying for her daily. And it's working...today, we got the best news imaginable! Here are her husband's Facebook posts from today, so that you can read about it in his words:

8:15am UPDATE: Tough night for sleep. She thinks she can do whatever, whenever (typical). She is not supposed to move a lot because the drain in her head works on gravity. If she moves too much it will drain the fluids too fast and could be fatal. We struggled all night with this but I think she gets it now. We are waiting to do a CT later today and compare it to previous CTs to analyze the change in brain swelling.

10:13am UPDATE: Doctors say her heart is 100% and NORMAL!!! Physical therapy helped her stand next to the bed. Speech therapist said she can start with ice chips for now. More tests later today. We are having a great morning.

3:04pm UPDATE: Because of all the positive progress, the CT was put on hold till tomorrow or the next day. The next big things will be eating food and removing the drainin her head. She has been resting most of the day. I am spending tonight at home with the kids. I need sleep. Unless something happens, this is my last post for today. Thank you again for your love and prayers.

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