Thursday, March 25, 2010

More updates on my friend...

I was so excited because I got to visit her in the hospital on Tuesday evening. She was pretty alert and recognized me immediately, and it was so nice to just give her a big hug!!! I was working most of the day yesterday and didn't have much time to post her husband's updates, so I'll post yesterday's and today's below. Thank you again so much for continuing to pray for this beautiful family!!!

3:14pm UPDATE: Done for tests today. They got her out of the bed and into a chair for two hours. She is cleared for pureed foods. The brain drain could be pulled tomorrow. Possible downgrade from critical to stable this week. We continue to move forward. I slept for 10+ hours!!!

9:13am UPDATE: Her voice is getting better. Still a little scratchy from the tubes. Her personality is a little off. Docs says its typical for her act a little immature or childish. That will get better with time. She is very hungry but not able to swallow very well so she is eating pureed foods. We are working on her being able to sit up but her neck hurts after awhile. CT tomorow. Good night everyone!

9:10am UPDATE: She had a good night of sleep. Speech is getting better. She talks a little slow. Personality is still off and docs say that is normal and wiill improve. She does have some ultra short-term memory loss. More physical therapy today. Docs say it will take months of therapy. Right side works better than the left side. I am spending the night at home with the kids tonight.

6:16pm UPDATE: I am spending the night with the kids. Daughter was up late crying for daddy. She was tired most of the morning due to a lot of physical therapy. They clamped the brain drain which means they might take it out tomorrow.

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