Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday is "Catch-Up" Day!

The week seemed to fly by...guess that happens when you have work pile up on you. The good news is that we made our deadline, and it's always a nice feeling to have a project finish on a Friday so that the weekend is open. :)

My friend is steadily improving, and we continue to pray and count our blessings for her and her family. I am really looking forward to visiting her again, hopefully Sunday morning. I know the road ahead is a long one, but I think they have such a fantastic support system and group of cheerleaders to encourage and help. It'll all be ok! Here are updates from her husband about yesterday and today's events...I am consistently in awe of his strength through this whole process (and by hers...such a great match!).

11:17am: Another exhausting day of therapy. Brain drain will likely come out tomorrow. She continues to not be exactly herself but improves. She tends to act a little childish and unemotional. Daughter knows she is in hospital and is starting to want to see her. I am going to wait till we are out of ICU. I'll update again later.

9:45pm: The feeding tube is out of her nose. She is a lot more comfortable. She has really enjoyed the milkshakes everyone has brought her. The brain drain may come out tomorrow. Possibly real food on monday. We had a battle with physical therapy today. She won but I am sure PT will win the war. She was happy to have visitors today. Everyone is welcome. Good night.

8:08am: Pretty good night sleep. CT this morning will determine if the brain drain comes out. Her surgeon returns Monday. Can't wait for him to see her progress. Round #2 with therapy today. Her 1, Therapy 0. Doctors seem confident she will walk again. They are unsure regarding her memory and personality. Time will determine that.

12:15pm: The drain is out of head. She spent two hours in a chair today. She is peacefully napping. I have been trying to get emotion out of her other than anger. So far I have been unsuccesful. I'll settle for a laugh. Any ideas?

7:54pm: With all the recent good events I am spending the night at home with the kids and having a drink (or 3, or 7). PT didn't go well again. Her 2, physical therapy 0. We had a nice talk about going home, rescheduling the cruise, and getting out of the hospital and she agreed to try harder. Good night everyone. I am off to watch the Princess and the Frog with my Prince and Princess.

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