Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Resolutions to Keep (or at least try not to break)

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to 2009!

So the tradition is to make resolutions when the New Year rolls around. I have almost always failed at keeping any resolutions I make, because (well, let's face it) we really should be promising to make changes to our lives for the better every single day. Meagan wrote on her blog that each day is an opportunity for a clean slate, and I couldn't agree more. :)

This year, however, I am going to try and do a few things different. I won't beat myself up if/when I don't succeed 100% on any of these things:

I want to try and lose some weight.

I want to get into a better habit for our weekly grocery shopping, including using coupons and getting my meal planning done at least a week in advance.

I want to be more positive.

I want to blog more (because even if only a few people are reading, at least it gives me an outlet!).

I want to find a way to help support us better financially, so that the majority of the burden isn't always resting on Steve's capable shoulders.

I want to appreciate my husband more, because even though I value him I may not always tell him that often enough.


  1. That is some great resolutions. I decided to not make any this year b/c I do not remember ever keeping them. And I decided to try to be better each day and not make it a resolution.

  2. I gave up on the resolutions this year. At least that's what I tell myself! LOL! My resolution is ALWAYS (at least for the last 300 years) to lose weight!
    UGH! LOL!
    Good luck with yours!!