Friday, January 9, 2009

National Champs!

The Gators beat the Sooners 24-12 last night, as anyone with a television, newspaper or generally attentive mind has already learned. We had a small crowd here in our home, and since the majority were Steve's relatives (Sooner fans), the Gator fans were largely outnumbered. I'd like to thank my friend Alyssa for joining me dressed in orange and blue, my daughter Megan for wearing the Gator t-shirt she didn't have a choice about, and my next-door neighbor Mary for not cheering for the Sooners (even though her sons did). :)

We had lots of food (ate lots of food, too, and still had leftovers!), and it was a fun evening. Of course, I think I had more fun sitting calmly and watching the Gators take the lead. I am very proud of myself though, because I did not gloat over the win. Actually, since I was the only Gator still left in the room at the game's end (neighbors went home at halftime because the kids had school today, and Alyssa went home because she had gotten up so early for work that morning), I didn't boast or brag very much at all. I patiently waited until after my in-laws had left to drive back to Jacksonville before I got even the slightest bit giddy. Of course, writing a blog about how AWESOME the win was doesn't constitute boasting or bragging.
Say it loud, say it's GREAT to be a Florida Gator!!!

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