Friday, December 5, 2008

Twas the weeks before Christmas...

So we're officially less than three weeks away from Christmas now. I can't believe how fast the year has gone...seems like just yesterday we were marveling at our newly-turned two-year-olds and in just another week we'll be calling them THREE. Amazing. I'm so blessed to be home with these two little miracles to watch them grow and learn.

Megan's cough is (finally) gone. It took two rounds of the Albuterol treatments, the second time we added Pulmicort, and she had four days of Zithromax, too. I went back to the doctor the day before Thanksgiving because the sinus infection I was seen in the ER for on November 6th had returned full force. I guess I can't really say it returned, because essentially it never really left. Ugh. The nurse practitioner I spoke with at the clinic was wonderful and gave me meds to help kill the infection, which I found out was actually a pretty dangerous one since it was putting pressure on my optical nerve. Yes, I'd like to keep my optical nerve connected, thank you. I have a couple more days of medicine left, but for the most part I'm back in the human world again. Just a slight cough remains.

Apparently Jeremy admired the attention Megan got for her cough, so he now has one, too. The doctor has him on Albuterol now, but since his doesn't seem to be more than just a cough of inconvenience we're going to take the wait-and-see approach before any antibiotics are called in. Should be interesting. I'm beginning to think that the Pediatrician's office should have a punch card...after five visits, you get a free one. I'd certainly partake in that sort of offering!

Thanksgiving was a good went by very quickly and I didn't really do much other than spend time with my family in the early part of the day and Steve's family in the later part of the day. I like to think that we are thankful EVERY day for the blessings we have, but I understand that it is very nice to have the chance to gather together and be grateful in a more "formal" way, too.

Well, nothing else new or startling at the moment...take care and keep in touch!

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  1. lol.... I like the buy five get one free Doctors visit. We would definately use it too with all the pre-anesthesia doctors visits we have to do.