Saturday, December 6, 2008

Say it loud, say it proud...

It's GREAT to be a Florida Gator!

That's right folks, we won the SEC Championship game earlier this evening. That means Tim Tebow and the rest of the team will most likely be heading to the BCS Championship game!

Now, I'm thrilled. According to, "Two big victories in league championship games Saturday – a big fourth-quarter rally by Florida in the SEC, a big blowout by Oklahoma in the Big 12 – means the Jan. 8 national title game almost certainly will match the Gators and the Sooners." But what most people may not know is that while I'm a die-hard Florida Gator fan (complete with the capability to bleed orange and blue), Steve and his family are from Oklahoma and therefore root for the Sooners.

Steve and I have been together over ten years, married for eight. When we met I was heading into my junior year at Florida. His family has always teased me about my affinity for the Gators, and while it's been joked that someday we would be matched for a championship game, I never really thought it would happen. It should make for a very interesting day on January 8th. :)

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  1. I know your happy with the outcome - Congrats!!! We did do better against yall (at least until the 4th Quarter) than most people thought. I am proud to say we played in the game this year and are going to the Sugar Bowl while Auburn is sitting at home!!! ROLL TIDE!

    And if we had to loose to someone, I am glad it was Florida with Tebow. He seems like such a GENUINE Christian Athelete and we need more of him to take a stand and be the witness that he is.