Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus...

So my kids turned three last week, and I am still somewhat in denial. But at the same time, it's so much fun to watch them develop their personalities even more, and learn about all the wonderful things that capture their interest.

They don't fully grasp Christmas yet, but they know that Santa is a nice man in a red suit with a white beard. I hope they keep that childhood innocence for a while yet, because there really is nothing more amazing than that. We went to visit "our" Santa at the mall yesterday, and it was our third year visiting Santa at that particular location. Here's the results from that visit:

Megan and Jeremy have NEVER been afraid of Santa, which is a very good thing since I took them to the mall by myself and would have been stranded if they'd both freaked out on me. If I can track them down I'll post the photos from the last two years so people can see how happy they always are to see Santa.

Not forgetting the TRUE reason for the season, I wanted to share a story about Megan, who has shown a lot of interest in learning about the real Christmas Story. Steve put up our nativity scenes right after Thanksgiving, putting one in the curio cabinet on the right side of the entertainment center and on in the cabinet on the left side. We also have a snow globe with the nativity in it that I received as a gift years ago, and it's currently sitting on the shelf next to the television. At any rate, they're all behind glass right now. Megan pointed almost immediately and asked what they were, and I explained that we celebrate the birthday of the baby Jesus at Christmas, and He is our biggest gift. She is so enamored by babies and baby dolls at the moment, she took to that explanation pretty well. A few days ago I noticed her walking back and forth between the cabinets, pressing her hands to the glass, and stopping to pat the snowglobe each time she passed it. She was chattering, but I couldn't make out what she was saying completely, so I asked her...and she said, "I tell the baby Jesus it's alright, I'll get him out for His birthday on Christmas..." Poor kid probably thinks we are keeping a REAL baby behind glass!

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