Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life is Good

Today was a day spent vegging at home with my kids. Checking email, watching a Disney movie with the two cuddliest kids ever, eating PB & J sandwiches for lunch. Steve is still on his two-week break from work, and his younger brother managed to arrange for a free round of golf at a course in Jacksonville...he was gone at 7 a.m., long before I ever woke up, and didn't get home til 6 p.m. We're a one-car household now, so the kids and I were home for the day (just as well, since it rained off and on all day!).

I know I could have spent a nice chunk of that time cleaning, or organizing. Goodness knows I could use some organization around our house (the laundry basket system just isn't working like it used to!). But it was nice to have some downtime and just relax. Days like these are the days when I really count my blessings and realize how good life really is. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies. And the kids are just so animated and full of life.

I miss my parents already. They flew up north so they could spend two weeks visiting my mom's family in Canada. They make the trip every year, and their first flight left at 5 a.m. today. I'm glad I was home because I was able to get every call they made, both when they arrived at each stop on their flight plan, and also when they arrived at my aunt's house just three hours across the border. I love to fly, can't wait to fly in October to my friend's wedding in Texas...but there's just something nervewracking about waiting for other family members and friends to make it to their destination safely. They say flying is safer than driving, and I believe that, but it's really nice when you get that phone call that confirms a safe touchdown. Life really is good!

Now a shout-out to my friend "Maxine," who wrote a post about me turning 31 yesterday. I've never had an entire blog post written about me before, and I was VERY flattered. :) Thanks...that made me smile!!!

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  1. Ode to noting the "good things" in life. Belated birthday wishes! :)