Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy 8's...courtesy of Alana

So I met another blogger, Alana from Alana-isms, in person by accident (mentioned it in my last post, Small World). She's on my friends list now and today she posted a fun "tag" blog...and tags 5-8 were left open for anyone to jump on. I have therefore decided that (since I haven't blogged in well over a month) this would be a fun way to get back into the swing of things. :)

The rules:
1. Mention the person who tagged me.
2. Complete the lists of 8.
3. Tag 8 more bloggers and tell them they've been tagged.

The lists:

Eight things I am looking forward to:
1. Having the kids 100% potty trained. Very tired of the mess (and please, no lectures...I know they're 3...).
2. Watching the kids explore the world and learn new things. They are a constant source of awe for me.
3. Figuring out what I want to be "when I grow up." Staying at home full-time with the kids for 3+ years has been awesome, and it gives me the chance to clean the slate and pick a new line for my career, if I choose.
4. Liz's wedding in Austin, TX, this October. :) We've known each other for 18+ years now. She was there when I got married, and I wouldn't miss her big day for the world!
5. Steve being back on day shift. He just switched back to nights yesterday, and it'll be a LONG 56 days until he's back on days!
6. Transformers 2 and GI Joe coming out in theaters. How sad that my life revolves around release dates? Not to mention they're "boy" movies, but I don't mind. I grew up with my kid brother and he had those toys, so I feel like they were just as much part of my childhood as they were his!
7. The arrival of my new nephew in September. He'll join a big brother and two big sisters, and I know everyone's excited to meet him!
8. Our anniversary and my birthday. They're only five days apart, so it's like my celebration gets to last a week!

Eight things I did yesterday:
1. Slept in for a little bit (thankfully the kids wanted to sleep in, too!).
2. Showered, dressed, got the kids ready and drove to Jacksonville with the kids.
3. Worked for six hours at my part-time temp job (dropped the kids off to stay with my mom).
4. Went to pick up the kids after work and had dinner with them and my folks.
5. Drove back home to St. Augustine.
6. Got the kids ready and put to bed.
7. Watched some shows on my DVR that I hadn't gotten to previously.
8. Cleaned up around the house a little before going to bed for the night.

Eight things I wish I could do:
1. Play the piano or the guitar...I'm just not coordinated enough.
2. Win the lottery! Wouldn't that be great?
3. Travel the world. #2 would certainly help with that...
4. Be less of a packrat.
5. Find a cure for terrible diseases like cancer so that families wouldn't have to say goodbye to loved ones.
6. Learn to dance ballroom, like on Dancing With The Stars. Again, I'm a little too uncoordinated...
7. Find the magic solution for world problems like poverty, hunger, etc.
8. Be the best mom my kids could ever hope or ask for (I'm working on it...).

Eight shows I watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Private Practice
3. Survivor
4. Chuck
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Dancing With The Stars
7. The Mentalist
8. Friends (yes, it's long-gone, but will live forever in reruns and my DVD collection!)

Eight favorite fruits:
1. Strawberries
2. Grapes
3. Oranges
4. Pineapples
5. Watermelons
6. Apples
7. Blueberries
8. Rasperries

Eight places I'd like to travel:
1. New York, NY
2. Canada (relatives!)
3. Ireland
4. England
5. Italy
6. Hawaii
7. The Grand Canyon
8. Alaska

Eight places I've lived: (this will be fun...Dad was in the Navy)
1. Currently in St. Augustine, FL
2. Gainesville, FL (for four years of college at UF...different dorm each year)
3. Jacksonville, FL (grades 10-12, 6-7 and K-1)
4. Charleston, SC (grades 8-9 and my birthplace)
5. Dartmouth, NS, Canada (grades 4-5)
6. Virginia Beach, VA (grades 2-3)
7. Key West, FL (early years)
8. Providence, RI (early years)

Alright, I know I'm supposed to list 8 people to tag. But I don't have that many "followers" on my blog, so I figure instead I'll just say this...if you're reading this message, you've been tagged. :)

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  1. What a great list!

    And you made me realize I forgot "watermelon" when I did mine. I LOVE could I have forgotten it? Oops!

    I wasn't a Transformers girl...but I did play with GI Joe and would like to see the movie.