Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life is a Circus

I do some freelance graphic design work for a web site based in Jacksonville, and from time to time they pass along some free tickets to various events. Since it's a kids' activity web site, that means all of the events are kid-friendly...always a good thing as far as we're concerned! The most recent "donation" to the Lay family was a four-pack of tickets to the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, which was in Jacksonville for a four-day visit. We went on Friday for the 10:30 show and didn't even tell the kids we were going until we were getting dressed and ready that morning.

There is a pre-show before the circus and you are allowed down on the arena floor. Megan and Jeremy walked with us from place to place, visiting with clowns, watching an elephant "paint," being amused by the acrobats and just being in awe. Information overload is pretty funny, especially when you can just see all the questions on their faces but they can't keep up with what they are seeing!

The show started, and we purchased a giant popcorn box from a vendor. Megan ate about 3/4 of it by herself...she was pretty greedy, but that's ok because Jeremy wasn't as excited about the popcorn. :) The show ran pretty long, but the kids didn't get antsy even once. I have to say that the circus people really know how to keep the audience involved and interested, because for these two kids to sit in their own seats for just about the entire performance was very impressive to me.

The best part now is the fact that they are still talking about it. Ask either one what they saw at the circus and you'll get a list, and those cute little voices are too irresistable. "Doggies!" and "Elephants!" and "The funny, silly clowns!" and "TIGERS!" I think they really had a great time, and I'll post a pic or two once they are uploaded from my camera.

Thanks, Alison & Cindy for making this trip possible...we had a day we won't soon forget!

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