Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Most of the people who will come to read this blog at some point are people who know me, but just in case it finds its way to someone who doesn't, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Katie, and my family and I live in St. Augustine, FL...the Nation's Oldest City. My husband works in law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff for the St. Johns County Sheriff's Department. I worked at the hospital here in town up until our twins were born in December 2005, and then took time out from full-time work outside the house so I could be home with them. I tried my hand at working in an early education center this past May, and things worked out very well until recently when my son decided his biting habit (at school) wasn't going to diminish in any way (in his defense, he only started biting after he started's not a habit he had before that!). As of last week, I'm back to staying home with the kids again...and looking for freelance work to help keep me busy in the meantime!
My children are the lights of my life, the centers of my universe, and the keepers of this castle. My daughter Megan is the older of the two by only 45 seconds, yet she somehow translates those seconds into years. She is the "little mother" to her brother, Jeremy. Jeremy has no trouble allowing Megan to boss him around, and he would honestly follow her to the end of the Earth, content to do whatever it would take to keep her happy. They will be turning two years old in less than three months, and I must admit that I am in denial about that little fact. I am gradually planning out their birthday party for December...not in an obsessive way, but I know how crazy things were with planning for last year, and I don't want to stress out about it by not getting the "easy" details nailed down now (time, date, location...).
I hope that my friends will find this to be a good way to keep up with us...I know that sometimes life pulls us in about 18,000 different directions at once, and the beauty of blogging and using modern technology is that we can keep up to date at any time just by logging on and checking things out. Take care and PLEASE let me know your blog address(es) so that I can return the favor by reading about YOU!


  1. Way cool Blog!!!!

    Sorry to hear that you are back to being a stay at home mom. Yet I must admit that I am kinda glad to have another couple of playmates for us. We definately need to see each other more than the last few months. Thinking about starting a playgroup on Fridays soon, so keep in touch. Probably will not start it till after all of this eye stuff.

  2. That is just the cutest picture by the way!

  3. I came upon your blog by chance by clicking the "next blog" button on blogger. I have twins that just turned one last week, so I very much enjoyed reading about yours. I am sure your extra year of multiple motherdom will give me some tips. I have now decided to buy more laundry baskets.